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      At AC/PC we teach web site design rather than build websites for our clients. By teaching them how to design their websites it saves them $1000’s of dollars. $250.00 will buy a 1-year membership. Our Web Designers Will teach clients how to build web sites utilizing different tool and products, teaching them to use, Google Analytic, Google Accents, Google Ad-words,, blogging, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social media, networking, and online marketing. Teaching the client empowers them to tack control of their web business rather than leaving it in sum one else hands.

     We proved a Tech sport memberships as well, which covers any consumer electronic product research, and PC repair need. For the low cost of $250.00 a year we will proved all the repair services are clients need. Tech Support Agents: Our responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting problems, fixing and repairing issues, perform consumer research, and educating the clients.

     Our Graphics Designers develop 3-D graphics / 3-D animation for web sites. In the near future, we will be utilizing these employees’ talents to produce products with the upcoming 3-D printer technology. We will be designing custom computer cases and monitors working directly with the client to Match the client’s home decor or any possible shape they want it to be modeled from. We can continua the design in to the keyboard and mouse as well. Creating an overall design theme for their original customized ACPC PC.

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