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Designing Process
For $250.00, we advise our clients and educate them about all the necessary components to build their PC. One of our custom computer designers will take the client to and educate them on the 1,000 components. The client can pick from a wide range of prices and the most advanced components of their choice of all the necessary hardware required to build their custom AC/PC. Building out of the highest quality and advanced components, rather than the typical shelf PC with low budgeted out-of-date hardware and a heavy mark up of commonly 3X the price of the components it is built with. Once all the computer hardware is purchased, it will be delivered to the designer. The designer will notify the client that their hardware has arrived. At what point they will assemble and install all required software and any extra software the client desires and purchased. This prowess's ailments all unwanted bloat wear with a standard shelf PC. If the client needs help with any computer problems or repairs or upgrades, the designer / or will answer questions along the way as he performs the necessary work educating the client. We tack them step by step, teaching them how to solve their problems with their pc, as we fix them.  Our service does not stop after we build their computer; we are always there when the clients need us.

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