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Human resource coordinator Mrs.Spohn

We are currently seeking sales affiliates and sales managers  book appointment with the provided link 🔗 

The difference of Affordable Custom PC

     There are many ways to build a PC depending on how you will be using it. An Affordable Custom PC Hardware consultant will custom design your computer with you, educating you and advising you on your computer design on the way. You can be as involved as you want to be, after all, it is custom-built for you, It is a one-on-one experience. The consultant will take you to our main supplier to do this. this way you can make educated decisions on all your custom PC components. we take as much time as you need to design your computer. Purchasing can be done on an individual part basis and AcPc will store them until we have all the parts needed to build your computer, like a buy-as-you-can-afford system. 

         Our cost is your cost! Once Affordable Custom PC has all the parts, your PC will be assembled. Once the building fee of $250.00 + shipping, handling, (extra shipping insurance is optional), your new computer will be shipped to you. This will ensure that you will not be getting any old or outdated parts that have been sitting around a shop stock room.  Affordable Custom PC does not stockpile old cheap parts to make a profit. The parts used will be the ones that you and the hardware consultant of ACPC picked out together and are as up-to-date as you want them to be. Please compare our services and price quotes independently for your peace of mind. Affordable Custom PC strives to be open and honest about the costs for parts. And what the best components are compared to what our customers can afford. ACPC works within your budget to meet your needs - not to line our pockets with inflated prices. Affordable Custom PC will provide you with cost comparisons for parts and services. At ACPC our goal is to design a computer that meets your needs. Affordable Custom PC will not pressure you into buying upgrades that you cannot afford. ACPC will honestly tell you the differences that you can expect between brands and models. All of our affiliates @ Affordable Custom PC hope to gain your confidence and loyalty through our performance.

We build from the most advance to the best budget builds and everything in between 

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