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Custom Computer Designers

Employees Hand Book

As a Custom Computer Designer: You will Develop and assemble PC’s for customers, educating them as you present choices to the client for all the components of their custom computer build. For $250.00 + parts and shipping we advise are clients and educate them about all the components that are necessary to build their PC. As the designer you will receive $100.00 of the $250.00, $50.00 goes to the sales rep and the remaining $100.00 is the companies. You will make the same amount that AC/PC makes. As a custom computer designer you will take the client to, and educate them on the 1000s of components. With your expert guidance directing them in each component choice the client can pick from a wide range of prices and advanced components to build their custom AC/PC. You will direct the client depending on what performance requirements they will be demand from their PC. Get to know each client and know what their expectations are, design them a PC that will exceed their expectations but not their budget. Building out of the highest quality and most advanced components, rather than the common shelf PC with low budget out-of-date components with a heavy mark up of commonly 2 to 3 times the price of the components it is built out of! Once all the computer hardware is purchased it will be delivered to you, the designer. You, as the designer, will notify the client that their hardware has arrived. At that point you will assemble the PC and install all required software and any extra software the client desires and purchased. This process eliminates all unwanted bloat wear that comes with a common shelf PC. If the client wants to be present at the time of the building of their PC they can arrange a live web cam viewing of the assembly process and the installation of their OS and other requested software with you. This will be recorded regardless of the customers’ requests. This audio and video will be saved to disk, a copy of the assembly and software installation will be kept by you and one will be uploaded to AC/PC’s database for records, the video may also be used for advertising with permission of the customer. All details of the build will be documented by video and given to the client. The consulting process and each step of their build will be recorded with Skype screen-sharing and recording software.

Our service does not stop after we build their computer; we are always there when the clients need us.

Ordering parts

Ordering parts: Invoices for all parts are completed by AC/PC financial department and will be sent to the client from the company PayPal account so they can pay AC/PC for the parts. The designer will call the financial department with a conference call with Skype. At that time the needed information that is required will be gathered from the designer and the client. This info is used to complete the ordering of all components. As soon as payment is verified the parts will be ordered and shipped to the designers’ location. As soon as the PC is assembled and ready to be delivered a shipping order will be placed with FedEx; they will pickup the package from the designers’ location. Tracking # will be given to AC/PC, the designer and the client. All OME boxes will be sent to the client. You will make sure they understand that some hardware warranties are not honored if the defective hardware is later shipped without the OME shipping packaging. If the client does not store the boxes and needs to send back a warranty-covered part to the manufacturer and does not have the OME packaging to send the part in AC/PC WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE components.

Upgrades and repairs of non-AC/PC products

If the client needs helps with any computer problems or repairs, upgrades of non-AC/PC products they can purchase the 1-year membership tech plan at a cost of $250.00 these $ will be divided in the same manner as all profits. The Tech Support Agents or Custom Computer Designers will answer questions along the way as they perform the necessary work, educating the client as they repair the problem. We take them step-by-step, teaching them how to solve the problems they are having with their PC as we fix them.

Explain what you are doing and why as you trouble shoot and repair the problem. All repairs will be recorded and a copy will be given to the customer and uploaded to the AC/PC database. You will keep a copy for your records. By keeping a deleted record and providing a copy for the client it gives 100 % clarity of our honesty, integrity and credibility and accountability as a company. Providing video evidence of all the work we did and did not do.

All work will be recorded if it involves the customer or there $ or their hardware and saved to a CD given to the customer and uploaded to AC/PC as well as saved by yourself for your records.

Web Designers

As a Web Designer: you will teach clients how to build web sites utilizing different tools and products, teaching them to use, Google Analytics, Google Adcents, Google Adwords,, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, networking, and online marketing. You will need to master and understand all tools and functions in the web site host web developing engine and master and understand why we use and teach the following 25 programs, tools, and websites.

1. Google chrome browser: this is the web browser AC/PC recommends; it has more features and add-on apps that can be utilized in web site development.

2. sign up for an account. Build a web site example: www.your biz you get 5 free pages and 5 MB: example page1. The home page has the clients’ mission statement and introduction of their biz, page 2. E-comers page where they sell their products or service, page 3. Contact page and sign up page so their customers can get in direct contact with the client and vice versa, 4. Blog page, 5 customer reviews and comments. Create a web site that is a conversation machine, turning visitors into prospects or customers for our clients!

3.WEB SITE DESIGN: the first THING potential customers do if they hear about a new business is to look up their websites. If their websites are not designed well, the websites aren't going to impress anyone. Don’t pretend people don't try to look them up online: they need a websites and they need it professionally designed. They need to be taught to not spend their $ on having fancy flash dances and rocking music. It is better to have a site that looks professional and allows users to easily find what they are looking for.

4.Google analytics: this program tracks all traffic and tracks down all data and demographic info of each visitor that goes to your site, it logs all their clicks on your site and how long they viewed each page; this info is essential for market research. Is used to design layout options for the ads to make them blend or pop in their web site, font color, etc. for the appearance. Types of ads are video, text, and picture. They make $ advertising for companies, and they pay you every time anyone clicks the ad $0.01 and up into the $ 1.00 + range, these ads will correspond with their web site content. READ ALL FINE PRINT! They can only have 3 ads on a page if they click on their own ad or direct people to click on the "ad's by google" they can be charged with Fraud!

6.www.Googleadword.Com: makes them $; Google ad word is the flip side of google ad cents this is where they pay - per - click to advertise their business on other web sites that relate to their company. This will bring potential customers to their web site. CJ is a conglomerate of all types of business that have affiliate programs to join. They can search for all types of products and services to sell for commission.

8.Page rank meter: this is a program that is downloaded to their chrome browser. They will find one in the Chrome Store with this meter, they will be able to identify the page rank of web sites.

9.Page rank: this is essential to know the standing rank of the site, the higher the rank the more likely the site is to be in the top pages of the search pages. When blogging it is important to know the page rank of the sites they blog on, this will raise their sites page rank and help put them to the top of the list of the search page for free.

10.Blogging: Blogging is an amazing way to establish their expertise, get more search engine traffic and generate online leads, by blogging on higher page ranked sites their exposure is greater than a low page ranking blog.

11.Writing a story for their local paper: contact their local paper's business section and pitch a story that they can write on their area of expertise, whether it is web marketing, real estate or animal training.

12.E-mail marketing: No one's going to remember to return to their Web site to see if they've posted new information or updated their products. Give them a compelling reason to subscribe to their e-mail list however, they can slip new web pages into their inboxes at their discretion.

13.Yellow Pages: Use them to find partners who will generate more leads for them. For example, as a web site designer they could look up graphic designers and team up with them. They can build the web sites and they can provide the graphics for their clients.

14.Search Engine Optimization: (It all starts here. If they're building a web site or writing a business blog and they've ignored SEO, then they're wasting their time and company resources. If they believe in their products or services, it’s their duty to present the information in such a way that people or businesses in need can find them through Google or Yahoo.) Do some research on how to make their Web site appear at or near the top of the list in any search engine. Select a key word or two to start and see how much it would cost them to have their name at the top of the list. Generally, this type of marketing is inexpensive.

15.Print Materials: At the least they need cards to hand out to new contacts they make offline. If they have the time and the budget, they can create brochures or flyers, case studies or compilations of customer testimonials, or a one-page fact sheet. As with their websites, the key here is to have a professional design that matches their brand personality.

17.Public Speaking: nothing generates qualified leads faster than getting up in front of a group of prospects and establishing your expertise. Just make sure they leverage this face time by having some sort of giveaway (PowerPoint handouts, a white paper). They should ask for business cards so that they can send the audience members the collateral bonus points they earn by adding them to their e-mail newsletter... which they can unsubscribe to at any time.

18.Networking: when they're just starting out, even when they're established, it helps to go to those chamber-sponsored after-hour parties, BNI get-togethers, and other events where they can mix and mingle with other business people who may turn out to be customers, partners, investors or vendors.

19.Signage / logo: This is their logo / branding it is a symbol of what their CO stands for. It establishes credibility - at one glance at a logo they can identify the CO. and what it stands for. The Nike logo: as soon as they see it they know what it is for and it is easy to remember.

20.Join Professional Organizations: Benefits of joining local business groups, though expensive for a start-up, it gives them the opportunities for networking, for speaking, for sponsoring events, for supplying giveaways, and becoming a member of the community. It can generate leads through some of these organizations. Well worth the price of admission.

21.Cold-Calling: Whether they call current customers or members of the general public, companies often simply call people up on the phone and offer them services. Although a company may not make a sale as a result of most of these calls some calls will be successful, and brand loyalty is reinforced in existing customers even if they don't buy anything new. People who were previously unaware of the company might have their interest piqued by the call.

22.Newsletters And Articles- Sending Out A Newsletter: That announces new happenings in the company as well as informative articles about the company's industry, are other ways to get the company's message out. Companies might use either an established list of customers and periodically e-mail out the publication or they might publish articles in other media with which they have no obvious connection. For instance, a financial expert with a weekly advice column in a local paper in which she invites inquiries from readers has the intent to drum up business.

23.Online marketing: Online marketing has been the hottest trend of the past decade. Many small businesses have found it especially effective because they can control their marketing budget while targeting niche markets. Some initial online marketing strategies include pay-per-click advertising, banner advertising, and e-mail marketing. Social networking sites have also become sources for online marketing for businesses of all sizes. Social networking and marketing on such sites as Twitter and Facebook are very low cost, but require a great deal of time commitment, as frequent updates contribute to greater success.

24.Trade Shows: In particular for entrepreneurs looking to find retailers to carry their product, trade shows are a form of business-to-business marketing. Owners purchase booth space and sell units of a particular item, sometimes to members of the general public; but also to those who can get them shelf space in large-volume retailers. Even if an entrepreneur doesn't sufficiently impress a retailer at a trade show the number of units sold to everyday consumers might be enough to convince retailers later on to stock their product.

25.Product Placement in entertainment: moviegoers and online game players often notice products from a part of the script or scene. Companies pay for this privilege: They agree to a payment scheme in return for the marketing benefits that come as a result of a Hollywood star using their product. The same is true of video games, where everyday players navigate through a world populated with products they can find in their local store. Lead generation is the process of collecting contact details of prospects so that a sales team can follow up and convert them to paying customers. Lead generation ensures that companies can continue to grow revenue by increasing the number of customers’ they serve. Marketing teams collect contact details by running advertisements that include a response mechanism such as a reply coupon, telephone number, email address or websites address where prospects can submit their details. In return, respondents receive a special offer, such as a gift or discount for consumers or a valuable report for business prospects.

Graphics Designers

As a Graphics Designer you will be Developing 3-D graphics & 3-D graphics animation for web sites. AC/PC will be utilizing their talents to produce products with 3-D printing technology for AC/PC’S consumer market. You will be working with anim8tor, 3ds-max and other required software. You will work directly with the client to design the desired product they require of you without copyright infringement of other companies. These graphics can be printed and turned into physical products and shipped to the client. The physical product cost will include material and a designing fee of $250.00. All work will be video recorded and provided to the client and AC/PC.

Sales Representative

As A Sales Representative: you’ll educate potential clients on all the products and services that AC-PC provides, and will connect them with the proper specialist and resources. You will be required to understand how the products and services are provided to the clients. You are the face and the spokesperson of ACPC you will be making the 1st impression with the client.

  1. Get to know your potential customer by striking up conversation with them, direct the conversation toured technologic and computers.
  2. Find out what they do for a living. And if it has much to do with internet or electronics
  3. What do they do for fun ex… moves, gaming, music,
  4. Shear with them that you work for a company that builds and designs custom will need to understand the difference between a custom pc and a shelf pc so you can explain it to the potential client